Visit Zagreb, the top European destination in 2017 and discover the capital’s beauty. Get to know its life, culture, sights, etc.

Zagreb has become the destination of many tourists who want more and more of their vacation, apart from the sea and the sun. It has become a competition for coastal destinations, as well as numerous world-famous tourist destinations.

Come and visit Zagreb, the center of Croatian business world – stay in a comfortable apartment that has access to city transport and personal car with free parking. After accommodation and business meetings, check out the other opportunities offered by the city

Najam apartmana u Zagrebu


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Explore Zagreb

The city of Zagreb is the capital of the Republic of Croatia and the largest city in Croatia by population. There lives a quarter of the total population of Croatia, which is about one million inhabitants.Zagreb is the administrative, economic, cultural, transport and scientific center of Croatia with the seat of the President of the Republic, the Parliament, and the Government.It has won many hearts with its beauty, and has become an attractive destination to come to even from the most distant countries of the world.Come and visit Zagreb, we are waiting for you.